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Devel-Tech specializes in creating rich, easy-to-use, mapping applications for companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations of all sizes. We have been designing and building custom GIS applications on the desktop and for the internet for over 15 years and recently began developing for the mobile environment. Complementing this development expertise, our team has over 60 years experience in digital mapping and database management, ensuring an in-depth knowledge of the relevant technical issues that is second to none.

Devel-Tech uses industry standard programming languages and database technologies while following best practices for application development. Our development process begins with a detailed specifications requirement and uses an iterative design process to ensure that applications meet the users’ needs. Custom applications are developed using industry standard tools such as ArcObjects, Visual Studio, Javascript, PHP, JQuery, and a variety of powerful license free map suite utilities. Many of our applications also rely on the data storage and management capabilities of relational databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and Microsoft Access.

Upon completion of application development and rigorous testing procedures, our experienced system analysts and programmers work with each client to complete the implementation of their custom application. Furthermore, we will ensure that your application administrator and employees are properly trained to use and maintain the application. Devel-Tech is also happy to provide customized support contracts for any duration, suitable for any needs.

Our goal, through custom GIS application development, is to provide our clients with the tools they need to not only improve their business, but also enhance the end-users experience by providing the spatial information necessary to quickly make well-informed decisions.

Devel-Tech has developed sophisticated GIS applications for a number of industries including Emergency Response, Real Estate, Property Rentals, Economic Development, Health Care, and Facility Management. Check out our product gallery to learn more about some of the applications we have developed.

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