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Data Acquisition

The backbone of any GIS system is the topographic and thematic data upon which the display and query operations rely. Acquiring this base information accurately and efficiently is typically the most onerous task in a GIS implementation.

Acquisition of this data can be accomplished utilizing a variety of different sources and methodologies. Accordingly the resulting data can vary extensively in its accuracy and content. Devel-Tech has literally completed hundreds of projects involving almost every type of data source, including hardcopy documents, aerial photography, satellite imagery, and existing Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) datasets. We also specialize in field data collection of raw data utilizing Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies. Our expertise ensures that the appropriate techniques are deployed to acquire our client's critical data utilizing industry accepted practices, while also finding the most cost effective means to achieve their project goals.

Devel-Tech maintains state-of-the-art GPS data collection equipment capable of sub-meter accuracy for all of your GPS field survey needs. We are licensed for ALL of the predominant GIS, mapping, and remote sensing software's, allowing us to utilize heads up digitizing techniques in essentially any environment using any map data format.

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