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Devel-Tech has completed the development of two custom Google Mapping applications for the Regina Regional Opportunity Commission (ROCC) and the Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority (SREDA).

SREDA was the first economic development authority that approached Devel-Tech for a custom mapping application.  After exploring a range of mapping options and costs, SREDA chose a custom Google Mapping application.  The ease of maintenance, simplicity of use, and low cost made it the ideal solution for the economic development authority.  The current solution is considered a ‘stepping stone’, with possible enhancements to follow.

In 2009, Devel-Tech also developed a custom Google Mapping application for the Regina Regional Opportunity Commission (RROC).  The application incorporated numerous data themes from the City of Regina as well as several crown owned utility themes.  The resulting application empowers potential investors interested in investing in and around the Regina region.

Devel-Tech is currently in talks with a third Economic Development Authority within the province of Saskatchewan regarding a similar application.  Further updates will be release as they become available.

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