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Emergency Response

Over the past eight years, Devel-Tech has been working with the Saskatoon Police Service to provide mapping and data analysis tools to improve emergency response times, as well as improve public safety within Saskatoon.

The Saskatoon Police In-Car Mapping Application was initially developed to assist their mobile work force in locating dispatched calls.   The application developed for a ruggedized touch screen laptop, is simple to use, requires virtually no training, and provides basic mapping capabilities to field staff.  Queries can be performed on specific site ID's or addresses resulting in the desired location being displayed and highlighted on a parcel map.  Users can then use this information to obtain directions, routing, or to visualize other environmental factors through the use of high resolution airphotos.

To compliment this product, Devel-Tech also developed an application to collect, analyse, and store geographic locations for any mobile work force.  This application relies on affordable GPS hardware solutions to collect a vehicles position (x,y) and velocity at all times.  Devel-Tech’s GPS Listener analyses, filters and stores all information on the local hard drive for future upload.  The application can also be configured to immediately pass the current GPS position to the existing In-Car Mapping Application and/or the CommCentre Application.  The GPS Listener is ideal for tracking the current location of all emergency response vehicles, public transportation vehicles, as well as vehicles in the service industry. 

The CommCentre Application is intended to reside in the Communication Centre for any organization monitoring and/or dispatching a mobile work force.  Similar to the In-Car Mapping Application, the CommCentre Application is simple to use and offers functionality capable of displaying the location of ALL vehicles, their current status, and ID on a basemap. The application also provides the ability to zoom in on a specific vehicle as well as advanced functionality involving Automated Vehicle Location (AVL).  This application is intended to be used in conjunction with the GPS Listener Application.

Devel-Tech’s CompStat Mapping Application was designed to assist the Saskatoon Police Service in investigating and recognizing patterns of criminal activity.  The licence free Macromedia Flash mapping application allows police to map multiple incidents at a single address or location, as well as perform queries for specific criminal activities they feel may be related.  The CompStat Application has been recognized on numerous occasions as an important tool in the Saskatoon Police Services arsenal in fighting crime!  Devel-Tech is responsible for providing basemap updates through our flexible and low cost support model.

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