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  • Reduce operating costs by minimizing travel time between client visits.
  • Improve quality of care through increased hands-on time between caregiver and client.
  • Reduces time to assign permanent service provider to a client.
  • Improves continuity of care, reduces the number of service providers visiting a client.
  • Validates addresses before caregivers are dispatched.
  • Standalone scheduling system or add-on feature to the existing scheduling system

opusView is a client-visit scheduling tool that brings spatial analysis and display capabilities (i.e. Maps) to the traditional scheduling function.  The benefits garnered from the use of mapping and GIS technologies is both cost savings in the operational budget, as well as improved quality of care through increased hands-on time for a variety of mobile workforces (i.e. homecare practitioners)

opusView is a set of map-enabled scheduling tools originally designed and developed specifically for the home care sector of the health care industry. The primary Schedule Building Interface assists the Home Care Schedulers in organizing client visits in a manner that minimizes non-productive travel time, and maximizes hands-on patient care time.

This is accomplished by graphically displaying the locations of all visits, superimposed on a map of the roads within the home care area. It allows the schedulers to more effectively identify a sequence of home care visits that reduces the total travel time/distance throughout the shift.  




As the schedules are being built, the display distinguishes between currently scheduled visits and those that are unscheduled.  The concept of Patient Visit “Priority” is applied to ensure that client visits that are critical or time sensitive are managed accordingly.

opusView facilitates the maximizing of patient “continuity of care”; ensuring clients are seen by the same home care worker as much as possible.  As schedules are built, opusView continuously reports the amount of unscheduled time remaining in the caseload.  The outcome of the scheduling is a set of reports (with maps) that can be provided to the homecare workers or administrative staff. A Schedule Viewing Interface allows managers to view the schedules that have been built, identifying statistics such as the total unscheduled time, total travel distance and the number of patients assigned to a given home care schedule.

The benefits of the application are two-fold. opusView provides a means for managers or supervisors to review schedule assignments that have been developed in order to identify problems or issues. In addition,opusView provides objective information quantifying the amount of actual travel time incorporated into the typical daily schedule. Used optimally, this information can be very useful in identifying the amount of travel time that should be allocated to a typical schedule and may result in more hands-on client time as well as a reduction in the required travel allowance costs.

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