Integrated Services in Geomatics & Information Management

Services Overview

The array of Geomatics services and functions demanded today requires a vast amount of geographic intelligence. Data sources can range from simplistic hardcopy maps, to state-of the art technologies utilizing Lidar to map everything from the mountain tops, to the ocean floors. Hardware technologies have also evolved and while GPS acquisition is much more affordable, it still requires a trained specialist to ensure project requirements are achieved. As the data sources and hardware evolve, the industry mapping and GIS software tools continue to become more complex.

Devel-Tech is a solutions-oriented technology company that provides end to end mapping services. We have been involved in Geomatics for over 20 years; we understand your requirements and your concerns. Our team's technical abilities are matched by our communication skills and we have the knowledge, the software, and the hardware to ensure your mapping needs are met within your deadlines, not ours.

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